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The OO-Method (Object Oriented Methods for Software Development) research work is developed in the field of Model Driven Software Development Methods. Our group have developed the OO-Method, a methodological approach and tools to support automatic code generation from OO conceptual models. The OO-Method consitutes the basis of our current research works. Our lines or research are developping solutions in the field of Web Engineering, MDA, Software Patterns, Pervasive Systems, Organizational Modelling, Empirical Software Engineeringn, Home Automation and Service Oriented Architecture.


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Object-Oriented Conceptual Modeling and Databases- Code generation in industrial software development environments.
- Automatic animation of OASIS specifications in concurrent environments. Particularly, Petri Nets and Concurrent Logic Programming are being used. This work is aimed to support early requirements validation and incremental software specification.
- Extensions to the OASIS model to enhance its expressive power.
- Software Evolution and formalization of the software development process taking as basis the OASIS model.
- Development and customization of tools that not only have OASIS as an underlying model but also are able to capture requirements with a notation and language which are closer to the problem space.
- All previous topics share a common context: refining and extending OO-METHOD and its associated CASE software production environment which have already been developed in this group.
Object-Oriented Methods for Software Development (OO-Method)- E-Modeling: Web-Oriented Software Technology.
- Requirements Engineering for the Generation of Conceptual Models.
- Interfaces Generation from User Requirements.
- Software Patterns and Automatic Code Generation.
- Software Product and Process Quality.
- Software Architectures of Distributed Objects.
- Mobile Computing.

Grupo de Object-Oriented Methods for Software Development (OO-Method)
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